no-gram how we work

What you can do in the Designer Area

no-gram design area
In the Designer Area, you can access all the tools that are needed to work with NO-GRAM.
no-gram personal page
You can send us all material needed to make or update your personal page, such as images, videos, articles and any other relevant material.
no-gram technical information
You can upload your work by sending all technical information, descriptions, comments and images that are required for the publication.
no-gram shipping and duties
You can find information, suggestions and other indications relative to shipping and customs.
no-gram free service
NO-GRAM offers a free service including the complete management of all aspects relating to your work, from taking photos of the pieces, uploading them onto your page, sales and post sales both online and in the gallery.
no-gram advertizing
You can promote your presence on NO-GRAM by activating advertizing campaigns, discounts on commissions and much more.
no-gram discount
If you want to incentivate your sales, you can decide to make a special discount on all your work, or on selected pieces. Just let us know and we will do the rest.
no-gram free shipping
You can offer free shipping on all your work, or on selected pieces.