Saturday September 12

Josephine Wood

England Josephine Wood makes use of traditional materials such as gold, silver and precious stones…

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Saturday September 12

Elisabetta Duprè

Italy Elisabetta Duprè makes no secret of the fact that she is irresistibly drawn to…

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Tuesday October 18

Nahoko Fujimoto

Japan These works are made of special paper seen in the “Tanabata Matsuri,” or the…

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Saturday September 12

Eva Tesarik

Austria In these works, Eva Tesarik has taken inspiration from two different sources, both relating…

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Saturday September 12

Yoko Takirai

Italy / Japan Yoko Takirai's jewellery conveys expressions of new concepts of space. A multiplicity…

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Wednesday November 18

Margherita Marchioni

Italy Margherita Marchioni explores the creative potential of waste materials. Most of her pieces involve…

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Saturday September 24

Julie Mollenhauer

Holland Working within a range of circular shapes , shares, ovals etc., i apply subtle…

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Saturday February 13

Annalisa Mirizzi & Mimmo Demattia

Italy Annalisa Mirizzi and Mimmo Demattia design and make jewellery that takes inspiration from contemporary…

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Sunday June 26

Chiara Scarpitti

Italy About Jewelry My work comes from research that is both theorethical and experimental. Every…

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Wednesday September 07

Amir Sheikhvand

Canada Biography Born in Tehran, Canadian artist Amir Sheikhvand currently lives and works in Toronto.…

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Saturday September 12

Jane Adam

England Jane Adam has been making jewellery in dyed anodised aluminium since 1980, using her…

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Wednesday March 16

Ewa Rudowska

Poland Ewa Rudowska was educated as a photographer and spent 12 years at the Warsaw…

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Saturday September 12

Corrado De Meo

Italy One of the keywords in Corrado De Meo’s jewellery is volume. The volumes he…

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Wednesday October 26

Panayiotis Panayi

Cyprus Drawings are stories inspired by daily life and people. Each one of them is…

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Wednesday May 03

Mario Albrecht

Germany At the age of 35, I started my apprenticeship in metalworking design and afterwards…

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Wednesday May 25

Yu Hiraishi

Japan Yu Hiraishi defines herself a jeweler and a sculptor. “I create jewelry from a…

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Saturday September 12

Heidemarie Herb

Italy / Germany Colour plays a prominent role in the works of Heidemarie Herb. Colours…

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Saturday September 12

Mina Kang

Korea Mina Kang creates jewellery utilizing the material of ramie fabric. Ramie fabric has always…

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Saturday September 12

Davide Ansovini

Italy Davide Ansovini likes to be able to transform the materials he works with. He…

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Saturday September 12

Janna Syvänoja

Finland The transformation of paper into jewellery is a very slow process, with a somewhat…

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Wednesday December 23

Melanie Kölsch

Germany Melanie Kolsch's latest works sparkle and shine, although they are far from mass-produced, indusrtrial…

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Thursday December 22

Claudia Steiner

Austria “Surface design, contrasts, form, nature, colour, architecture, materiality and sometimes things that are hidden…

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Sunday August 28

Federica Pallaver

Italy Federica Pallaver works on the idea to think of metal as a flow of…

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Saturday September 12

Ute Kolar

Italy / Austria Ute Kolar's works have a visually light and airy quality as well…

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Saturday September 12

Stephanie Jendis

Germany Stones are the starting point in Stephanie Jendis' jewellery. She uses natural stones, as…

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Saturday September 12

Karin Roy Andersson

Sweden I’m a long distance runner. The urge to repeat movements, methodically and resolutely is…

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Saturday September 12

Deborah Rudolph

Germany Deborah Rudolph has a fascination for stones. She is attracted by the idea that…

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Saturday September 12

Seulgi Kwon

Korea Nature, as we know it, has always provided infinite possibilities for inspiration in art.…

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Saturday January 28

Michele Mockiuti

USA I am a jeweler from Brazil based in Los Angeles. In my pieces I…

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Tuesday March 01

Fabiana Gadano

Argentina Fabiana Gadano is concerned about the excessive use of plastic and its consequent damage…

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Saturday September 12

Maria Cristina Bellucci

Italy I am in constant search for harmony in my life and in what I…

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Saturday September 12

Giancarlo Montebello

Italy GianCarlo Montebello was born in Milan where he lives and works and where he…

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Saturday September 12

Rita Marcangelo

Italy Rita Marcangelo is fascinated by the idea of transforming a material in such a…

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Monday May 02

Diana Dudek

Germany Creating jewelry gives me space to play in – and so I can relax,…

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Wednesday December 23

Satomi Kawai

USA Satomi Kawai’s jewellery is based on her personal experiences, referring back to her roots…

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Saturday September 12

Silke Trekel

Germany I am interested in various ways of giving my jewellery a distinct artistic dimension.…

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Saturday January 16

Sergio & Stefano Spivach

Italy Opals are subversive stones because they do not inherently give out any point of…

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Saturday September 12

Gigi Mariani

Italy Gigi Mariani explores the potential of metals and infinite possibilities of transforming their original…

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Saturday September 12

Maria Rosa Franzin

Italy Maria Rosa Franzin uses tiny specks of fine gold on the surface of white…

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Friday October 21

Takako Komiya

Japan Takako Komiya uses titanium as her preferred material. This material has the advantage of…

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Saturday September 12

Barbara Uderzo

Italy Barbara Uderzo has been working on different grouped themes in her jewellery since 1990.…

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Wednesday December 23

Katja Toporski

USA / Germany My most recent work investigates the space between our physical and spiritual…

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Tuesday November 03

Ramon Puig Cuyas

Spain Ramon Puig Cuyas uses jewellery as a medium to express his ideas that revolve…

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Saturday September 12

Kazumi Nagano

Japan Kazumi Nagano is an artist reaching back to ancient traditions and reinterpreting these in…

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Tuesday February 02

Michael Carberry

England My own practice is very personal to me and has been an eventful journey…

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Sunday March 26


Japan Torigaski is an Australian artist living in Japan. Japanese-style Damascene inlay is one of…

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Saturday September 12

Adrean Bloomard

Italy Adrean Bloomard’s works convey the aura of an object that is thousands of years…

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Saturday September 12

Ritsuko Ogura

Japan Ritsuko Ogura uses cardboard to make jewellery, giving new life to a material that…

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Saturday April 16

Izabella Petrut

Austria / Romania Izabella Petrut is a contemporary jewelry designer. She has acquired practical and…

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Sunday August 28

Mari Ishikawa

Germany Mari Ishikawa's main inspiration in her jewellery-making process has always stemmed from her home…

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Wednesday May 03

Momoko Kumai

Japan Momoko Kumai`s work is inspired by the concept of movement and fluidity. Each carefully…

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Saturday September 12

Edith Bellod

Germany Edith Bellod was a textile designer prior to dedicating herself to the art of…

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Saturday September 12

Federico Vianello

Italy There was a time in which recycling was a natural thing. Old nails were…

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Saturday September 12

Michael Becker

Germany Michael Becker's works resemble small architectural worlds. The German artist is fascinated by structures…

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Saturday September 12

Arata Fuchi

Italy / Japan Arata Fuchi takes inspiration for his jewellery making from the Japanese sense…

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Saturday September 12

Carola Bauer

Germany Carola Bauer makes use of traditional materials and techniques, such as enamelling. Her neckpieces…

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Saturday September 12

Jacek Byczewski

Poland Ever since the 1970s, Jacek Byczewski has been working with steel, a material that…

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Saturday April 09

Isabell Schaupp

Germany Due to their partly technical partly organic appearing shapes my work seems to belong…

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Wednesday March 16

Dina Abargil

Israel Dina Abargil's jewellery is very powerful. The works reveal a strong passion for the…

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Friday September 11

Stefano Zanini

Italy The term "still life", according to tradition, indicates the representation of elements belonging to…

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Saturday September 12

Marco Malasomma

Italy The use of precious metals, gold, silver and platinum, a wealth of experience and…

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Saturday September 12

Luisa Bruni

Italy My background and my close proximity to the art world has always influenced my…

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Saturday February 04

Valentina Falchi

Spain My jewelry is distinguished by its modern lines, fashionable but with a personal artistic…

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Saturday September 12

Carl Dau

Germany Carl Dau began training as a goldsmith at the age of 23. He later…

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Friday April 21

Monika Brugger

France Statement There is a poetry in Monika Brugger’s works that places them in a…

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Wednesday March 16

Jordi Aparicio

Spain As part of the second generation of a family of watchmakers, he grew up…

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Monday January 23


Italy The work comes from a desire to share ideas, to inspire each other and…

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Monday May 02

Elaine Cox

England Elaine's jewellery is highly individual. Each hand-crafted piece is the result of an experimental…

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