The unlimited choice

The unlimited choice

Let’s make an experiment! I am in front of my computer and I would like to buy some jewellery! If I type in this word, I will get about 99.500.000 results (with Google). In actual fact, I am looking for something unusual and so I try to narrow down my search by entering “contemporary jewellery”. What I get is still about 10.400.000 results (again with Google).

These two results are enough to make me understand two simple things. Firstly, that the quantity of results is so high and overwhelming, that it goes beyond my normal capability of selection and secondly that I have obtained an endless list that encompasses everything, from the lowest quality of industrially made jewellery to handcrafted, artistic pieces, all of which are offered at the same level, as if there were no difference at all.

Whether we like it or not, this is internet! Some may think this positive, others negative, but the problem remains. How can I possibly make a qualitative choice in this infinite showcase, although I am not an expert? The problem is that the apparent ease with which I can access a universal catalogue, actually proves to be my real limit.

It is through this simple game that NO-GRAM comes to life, a game that has brought us to perform a reverse process as compared to other e-commerce networks, always ready to offer anything and everything. NO-GRAM was formed with the express purpose of reducing this “choice”, of selecting the best available in the artistic jewellery world and offering it to a wider audience, along with the tools needed to understand their choices.

It’s not an easy task, because it requires first of all a deep knowledge of this field and secondly much attention to the cultural processes that form the basis of an artistic product of quality and excellence. To this end, we decided to create “NOTEBOOK” that goes alongside the shopping cloud, so as to be able to accompany the public in this fascinating world of creativity.

Through the contribution of experts, designers, critics, we will investigate the different areas and different research topics in a simple and comprehensive way, so that everyone can acquire the key to understand and consequently, be in a position to make the right choice. The different articles will explore different aspects, from the history to techniques, to an interesting journey into the workshop, to news from the jewellery world.

Last but not least, we have also created a space called MEET YOUR DESIGNER through which you will be able to follow our designers around the world, because we believe that behind each creation, there is a person worth knowing.

Author: Francesca Lombardo - Journalist and Copywriter