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NO-GRAM is the first "Shopping Cloud" totally dedicated to contemporary jewellery and objects

Promoted by Alternatives gallery with the express purpose of creating a meeting place between independent designers and an international clientele in search of something unique and innovative. The founders of NO-GRAM, with years of experience in the field, aim to bring art jewellery to an even wider public.

The works we propose are the result of a rigorous selection process, made through the careful evaluation of the quality, both of the craftsmanship and of the artistic value of each piece. NO-GRAM, as the name suggests, places value on the idea rather than on the preciousness of the material used. The jewellery found here is much more than a simple accessory and is the expression of research in the field of art jewellery.

NO-GRAM endeavours to move creativity in a world that moves fast, connecting those who make these beautiful pieces in their studios - wherever they may be - and you - wherever you are!

  • Best quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Money back guarantee

Here are five good reasons for buying through NO-GRAM

We search far and wide to find the best contemporary jewellery and object makers to select and bring to you

NO-GRAM looks for unique, cutting-edge, distinctive jewellery and objects to bring to your doorstep

You will find a vast selection of international designers to choose from

Your satisfaction is important to us and we strive to offer an excellent service all round

We work hard to make sure that the prices on NO-GRAM are the best you could find