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Red - The Colour of Love

While colours have a different meaning in every culture, most people from around the world would agree that red is the colour that symbolizes love and passion, the colour universally associated to matters of the heart. Red has long been understood to symbolize desire, even lust. Red roses are the traditional way to tell someone you love them.

In Asian cultures, red is the colour of good fortune, prosperity, joy, celebration and happiness, and this is why it is often also the colour worn by brides. It is one of the most powerful and striking colours in our environment. In nature, red has a special significance. Many species of birds use red to attract the opposite sex or deter rivals, adding the colour to their beaks or feathers.

Red is the symbol of love on Valentine's day too and to celebrate this special occasion, no-gram will offer free shipping on selected “red” items. Whether it be a red gemstone, red enamel or any other red material, we want to help you to find your perfect gift for Valentine's day: a special gift for the one you love. We will also add a free Valentine's gift wrap service. So don't miss this unique way to tell someone you love them.

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