German designer jewellery

A vast selection of German designers. Select by name and discover your favourite designers working in a range of new and traditional materials and techniques.

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    • Carola Bauer

      Carola Bauer jewellery collection

      Carola Bauer, from Germany, creates unique designer jewellery made of silver, gold and enamel. Select your favourite jewellery from her latest collection.

    • Carl Dau

      Carl Dau jewellery collection

      He has always had an interest in making serially produced jewellery. Visit his latest collection made of limited edition jewellery. Choose your favourite piece.

    • Deborah Rudolph

      Deborah Rudolph jewellery collection

      Deborah Rudolph has a fascination for stones. She is attracted by the idea that each one is so unique in shape, colour and size. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Diana Dudek

      Diana Dudek jewellery collection

      Creating jewellery gives me space to relax and forget. I can play as a child would, sinking into an inner world of thoughts and feelings. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Edith Bellod

      Edith Bellod jewellery collection

      Edith Bellod was a textile designer prior to dedicating herself to the art of jewellery. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Isabell Schaupp

      Isabell Schaupp jewellery collection

      Isabell Schaupp -Due to their partly technical partly organic appearing shapes my work seems to belong to a yet unknown flora and fauna. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Mari Ishikawa

      Mari Ishikawa jewellery collection

      Mari Ishikawa's main inspiration in her jewellery-making process has always stemmed from her home culture. Her works illustrate deep roots in Japanese tradition. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Mario Albrecht

      Mario Albrecht jewellery collection

      Mario Albrecht - German designer, creates unique jewelry made of Polyethylene recycled plastic bags, aluminum laminated plastic foil, silver

    • Melanie Kölsch

      Melanie Kölsch jewellery collection

      Melanie Kölsch - Her creations can be easily and comfortably worn and they bring out the individuality of the person who wears them, enhancing their lifestle in a unique way. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Michael Becker

      Michael Becker jewellery collection

      Michael Becker's works resemble small architectural worlds. He is fascinated by structures forming the basis of things and by the hidden networks of these structures. Visit his jewellery collection.

    • Silke Trekel

      Silke Trekel jewellery collection

      Silke Trekel - I am interested in various ways of giving my jewellery a distinct artistic dimension. In this sense, my works are spatial figures. Visit her collection.

    • Stephanie Jendis

      Stephanie Jendis jewellery collection

      Stones are the starting point in Stephanie Jendis' jewellery. Her jewellery makes use of colour, although it is never too bright or loud. Visit her jewellery collection.

    • Heike Schumann

      Heike Schumann - Jewellery collection

      Jewellery made with new and traditional techniques and materials. Select your favourite jewellery from her latest collection.

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    Showing 25 - 36 of 116 items