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Selection of Polish designers. Choose your favourite artist and discover his or her latest creations.

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    • Jacek Byczewski

      Jacek Byczewski jewellery collection

      Jewellery made with new and traditional techniques and materials. Select your favourite jewellery from his latest collection.

    • Ewa Rudowska

      Ewa Rudowska jewellery collection

      Visit her latest collection made of handmade unique or limited edition jewellery. Choose your favourite piece.

    • Marcin Tyminski

      Marcin Tyminski jewellery collection

      Latest collection of jewellery made with innovative techniques and materials. Select your favourite jewellery.

    • Bytomska & Bytomski

      Bytomski / Bytomska - Polish designers

      Bytomski / Bytomska  is the family duo of Bogumil and Julia Bytomscy, father
      and daughter. They design and handmade unique silver and gold fine jewelry ,
      working together in a family workshop with over 40 years of tradition.  
      Unexpected, sculptural forms, precious metals and traditional techniques, all are
      united into jewellery treasures, straight out of the world of nature, fantasy and
      nostalgic dreams.
      Unique pieces are created for the pleasure of those, who trust their intuition,
      boldly express themselves and walk their own ways.

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items
    Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items