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  • Kazumi Nagano

    Kazumi Nagano jewellery collection

    Kazumi Nagano is an artist reaching back to ancient traditions and reinterpreting these in a contemporary form.
    Visit her collection.

  • Nahoko Fujimoto

    Nahoko Fujimoto jewellery collection

    Nahoko Fujimoto - The harmony created by these delicate pleats evokes the sweet and pleasant memories of my childhood. Visit her collection.

  • Ritsuko Ogura

    Ritsuko Ogura jewellery collection

    Ritsuko Ogura uses cardboard to make jewellery, giving new life to a material that is normally used for packaging and then discarded after use. Visit her collection.

  • Momoko Kumai

    Momoko Kumai jewellery collection

    Momoko Kumai`s work is inspired by the concept of movement. Each carefully engineered piece consists of a three-dimensional geometric shape japanese designer. Visit her collection.

  • Takako Komiya

    Takako Komiya jewellery collection

    Takako Komiya uses titanium as her preferred material. This material has the advantage of being light and has an array of colour variations. Visit her jewellery collection.

  • Torigaski

    Torigaski jewellery collection

    Japanese-style Damascene inlay is one of the traditional Japanese metal crafting techniques, which attracted Torigaski's attention when she moved to Japan. Visit her jewellery collection.

  • Yu Hiraishi

    Yu Hiraishi jewellery collection

    Yu Hiraishi defines herself a jeweler and a sculptor. I create jewelry from a sculptor’s point of view. Visit her jewellery collection.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 77 items